Tips While flying in a Helicopter

Trying out new things can be most exciting thing but at the same time you want to make the moment you have to be the best.  Things like having a ride in helicopter is everyone dream when growing up. That’s why in this page we will help you.  In this page you will learn more tips about flying a helicopter.

The type of clothe you wear matters a lot.   When it comes to having fun on a helicopter you need to have the right attire. Wearing loose clothes may not be comfortable or even safe because they might create space for air. Something like loose scarfs and hats might be blown by wind and you end up counting loss.  You should always make sure that your hair is hanging to avoid the tangle with air.

It is advisable to dig up on the kind of helicopter to take. This company may have different types of helicopters fro the othe and in order to know the company that has the helicopter that serves your need you need to do some research. Some helicopters have front facing seats while others have both the rear and front facing seats to have a clear view.  When your full attention is on the pilot, the helicopter with seats facing front is you best choice, this applies even to people with motion sickness.  Despite choosing a front facing seat because you suffer from motion sickness its recommended to take motion sickness medication before getting on board. You can view here for more tips on how to fly a helicopter.

I know you’re looking for fun time but also you should pay attention to safety tips. Things like listening to what the pilot tells you will help you have a good moment.   Every pilot gives out some instructions before getting onboard or exiting the helicopter to avoid being hurt by rotors. To make sure your personal things don’t get brown by air, make sure you have tight clothes and tightly held personal properties.  When this happens you’re advised not to follow them because you might be putting your life in danger. Always follow the pilot guide during the trip and you’re assured of having the best time,view here for more info.

Everyone wants to capture pictures when in a helicopter and choosing the right seat will help you take good pictures.   its always a good idea to communicate to the pilot your intention of taking picture as they always have guidelines on how to seat.  The type of costume you wear can alter the kind of pictures you take.  You don’t want to take pictures that are affected by reflection of the windows of the helicopter. Dark clothes are most recommendable when it comes to taking picture in a helicopter as they give minimal reflections. 

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